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Employee Compensation And Benefits Package - 944 Words

Employee Compensation and Benefits Package The organization for which I am designing the compensation package is a company that offers internet solution to customers in the domestic US market and the global market. The position that I am hiring is that of a company secretary. The secretary will be required to work in the office of the human resource manager and will handle all the papered and paperless documentation. The position comes with numerous benefits and packages as outlined herein. After doing extensive research and analyzing the data released by the bureau of labor statistics, the secretary will be paid a basic pay of $25.00 per hour (Deckop, 2006). The amount is based on comparative analysis of how secretaries are paid by other similar organizations and with the goal of offering a competitive package that attracts many qualified secretaries to compete for the position. The position will be non-exempt and is based on fixed working hours. Any overtime will not be implemented until approved by the company’s man agement (Armstrong, 2007). The overtime payment will be $35.00 per hour, but this may be adjusted depending on the amount of work involved in the overtime hours. The position will also offer other employee benefits and allowances as a motivation for the workforce. The company will offer medical insurance where the employees will be sponsored for half the amount incurred as medical expenses. The medical cover offered by the company also covers the immediateShow MoreRelatedEmployee Compensation And Benefits Package Essay905 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction – Employee Compensation and Benefits This paper will outline an employee compensation and benefits package for a new hire for a secretary for the department. First, it will describe the organization I chose for designating a compensation package. Next, this paper will develop an employee compensation and benefits package for this new position. This paper will outline an employee compensation and benefits package for a new hire for a secretary for the department. First, it will describeRead MoreEmployee Compensation And Benefits Packages Essay1245 Words   |  5 PagesEmployee Compensation and Benefits Organizations create compensation and benefits packages in order to attract the best talent. In today’s global economy it is imperative that organizations offer compensation packages that are competitive in order to recruit the very best talent in the world. However, in order to be successful, compensation packages must align with business strategies. Authors â€Å"Mathis, Jackson, and Valentine (2014) explain that an effective total rewards approach balances theRead MoreEmployee Compensation And Benefits Packages Essay1537 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction In today’s competitive workforce, compensation and benefit packages plays a crucial role on recruitment and retention for both the organization and the employee. Bumpbie finds itself in a situation where it could positively affect its employee’s morale, turnover rate and longevity; by making a strategic decision to implement compensation and benefit packages that will encourage current workers to stay and entice new applicants. Money is not always the inherent reason businesses experienceRead MoreEmployee Compensation and Benefits Packages548 Words   |  2 PagesEmployee Compensation and Benefits Packages Introduction: A companys compensation and benefits package will likely be a great determinant of the quality of its personnel and the stake that these employees feel that they have in the hiring organization. This is why it is incumbent upon an organization to choose a compensation and benefits strategy that is at once consistent with internal values, needs and expectations and respects the external forces of industry standards, market context and geographicalRead MoreEffectively Managing Employee Compensation and Benefit Packages1289 Words   |  6 Pageschallenge, for global organizations and the human resource department, is effectively managing employee compensation and benefits packages. Managing compensation structures has become an integral part of many organizations that conduct operations in the global market, as there are many considerations for the host country when sending expatriates abroad. It is imperative for organizations to develop global compensation structures that attract and retain quality employees while not impeding operations or diminishingRead MoreConsiderations for Compensation and Benefits1442 Words   |  6 PagesConsiderations for Compensation and Benefits Abstract Compensation is one of the most important considerations perspective employees will make prior to accepting a job offer. For this reason, another performance of Human Resource (HR) professionals is the compensation analysis. The focus of the analyst in this position is to use strategy in formulating compensation and benefits packages that are attractive and conducive to maintaining talented employees (Editorial Board, 2011). As another criticalRead MoreCompensation Of Memorial Hospital Savannah1075 Words   |  5 PagesCompensation Packages- Memorial Hospital Savannah HR is the one responsible of the development of the organization compensation system and of the development of the pay structures, programs and effective compensation system will be focused on compelling with the law, cost-effectiveness, provide equity in all aspects and enhancement of the organization (Flynn, 2015). Compensation packages can include bonuses, benefits like health insurance, retirement benefits, paid time off, and professionalRead MoreEmployee Benefit Plan Development : Employee Benefits Essay1508 Words   |  7 PagesEmployee Benefit Plan Development â€Å"Understanding your employee’s perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness† – Kathryn Minshew, founder of The Muse. In today’s highly competitive and robust job market, benefit programs have become an integral aspect of an employer’s total compensation package. In fact, an employer’s total benefit package plays just an important role in attracting and retaining talent for organizations as monetary compensation, according to a recentRead MoreHuman Resource Practices With Business Goals1363 Words   |  6 Pagesaligning business goals with employee motives, a well-rounded compensation plan precedes attainment of these business goals(Martocchio 3). As can be seen by this statement, compensation is a major concern for all players in the business world today. As a matter of fact, if a company fails to properly manage their compensation package they will find themselves being left behind by the competition. In particular, what exactly does being left behind in compensation and benefits mean? It stands that otherRead MoreMicrosoft Compensation and Benefit System1648 Words   |  7 PagesCompensation and Benefits System of Microsoft MGMT 365 February 23, 2014 Compensation and Benefit System of Microsoft Microsoft was founded in 1975, and is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions (Career). Microsoft is proud to offer great products and employ outstanding people. Previous Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer once said, â€Å"There are many things that are true about Microsoft. We have big goals, big dreams, and big aspirations for the future. We are both competitive

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Music History thru the Middle Ages, Rennisance, Baroque,...

Music has evolved too many different forms that we recognize today. We trace this development throughout time. Beginning in the middle ages, we have seen advancement from the Gregorian chant all the way to the Jazz of the 20th century. The current events, politics, religion, technology and composers can shape musical eras during time. Here I will look at the middle ages, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and twentieth century periods. I hope that a better understanding can be reached to why, when, where and who are the reasons for musical evolution. Middle Ages Beginning with fall of Rome in 476a.d. the first half of this millennium is referred to as the â€Å"dark ages†. In society, all power flowed from the king with the approval of†¦show more content†¦In the world, the age saw many explorers in search of a faster trade route to China, which led to the discovery of North America. Musicians in the Renaissance society are now professionals and were supported by the church, city and state as well as the royal and aristocratic courts. The rise of the merchant class brought new fans to music professionals. With the advent of cheaper printing, music books became available and affordable making musical literacy spread dramatically. The musical style of the renaissance can be noted in the vocal forms by smoothly gliding melodies. This became regarded as the golden age of cappella style, which is music without instrumental accompaniment. Polyphony in renaissance style was based on continuous imitation. This offered many possibilities such as cantus firmus. Sacred music played a prominent part in ritual of the church. Motets and hymns became a part of Mass. The motet became a sacred form with a single Latin text. Motets in praise of the Virgin Mary were extremely popular because of the many religious groups devoted to Marian worship. Josquin Desprez, a popular master of the motet and influencer of many composers, composed more than a hundred motets and numerous secular pieces. Baroque The Baroque period stretched across half of European history. It began shortly before 1600 and ended with the death of Bach in 1750. During this time, there were change and

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The Role of Creativity and Problem Solving in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Development free essay sample

Nowadays, with the developing of economic development is facing a new challenge. The notions of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity become more widely used in business world and Naude (2010) notes that these fields are converging increasingly in recent years. Entrepreneurship has been regarded as the engine of dynamic economic development and growth (Ylinenpaa, 2009). Moreover, Minniti (1999) states that entrepreneurship scholars are catalysts for economic development because of the generation of a network for innovation that promotes the creation of new commercial formations and new ideas. In addition, the importance of creativity is highlighted within the context of economic development dynamics in Schumpeter’s work (1934, 1942) and problem solving is a process which encourages entrepreneurial thinking. Meanwhile, creativity and problem solving are interrelated and interacted on each other. This essay will illustrate the relationship between these significant elements within the market in a particular way. Firstly, definitions of key notions will be given. Secondly, the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development will be contributed for a better understanding. In the next part, what role creativity and problem solving plays in that relationship will be introduced with the group project. Further examples will be provided for readers when necessary in the following part of this essay. Simple definitions of the key issue about entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity will be given in this part and one example related to the notion of creative will be connected. Firstly, start from entrepreneurship with an explanation provided accordingly. The view of entrepreneurship refers to methodologies for business trade that takes the form of new combinations in an attempt to usurp market share. It is the dynamic process of assembling necessary factors of production consisting of human, physical and information resources and doing so in an efficient way (Lazear, 2005). However, entrepreneur is an individual with innovative ideas, utilizing new combinations of means of production (Schumpeter, 1934).Concerning with the second key notion, Rickhards (1985) pointed out that innovation is a process whereby new ideas are put into practice. Hence, it can be defined as a revealing and new variation on the old process. In a broad sense, innovation  could be divided into sustaining innovation and disruptive. Sustaining innovation emphasizes on gradual and incremental improvements whereas disruptive innovation is more a discrete and discontinuous transformation. Creativity, put it simply, it is the ability to look differently and stand out the answers to the problem. Bruner (1968) defined it as ‘effective surprise’. Keil(1987) argued that it is more than a process or approach and also be a mind power. A well-known example related to creative destruction is the shift from vacuum tubes to semiconductors that eliminated the advantage of firms such as RCA and Sylvania (Tushman O’Reilly, 1996). These three sections are balanced in business activities and both have significant effects on economic development and growth. Following the root of definitions, the illustration of the interlaced relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development will be presented. Starting with the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship, these two points have an internal link and mutual influence on each other. Entrepreneurs generate innovative ideas to reinforce discontinuous innovation, or disruptive innovation (Dannels, 2005), which alters the bases of competition through ‘utilizing new combinations of means of production (Schumpeter, 1934). It means that entrepreneurs make economic profit for themselves and to the society by innovative activities to the market and innovation is the essential function of entrepreneurship. Moving to the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development, the former has positive effects on economic development.. One report shows that the high entrepreneurship areas in the United States had 125 precent higher employment growth, 58 precent higher salaries rise and 109 percent higher productivity (Camp, 2005). There is no doubt that entrepreneurship has been the driving force of economic development and regarded as a strategy to successfully boom economic development in many regions. Moreover, with new business formation and the growth of existing ones, the most contribution of entrepreneurship to increased welfare in society is the creation of new jobs and additional income because of multiplier effects (Robinson et al. 2004). It is clearly indicating that establish new companies or develop from existing firms is a kind of major method for entrepreneurship that creates economic development. In addition, entrepreneurship is a vehicle that link innovation with regional economic growth. Tapsell and Woods (2010) pointed out that economic development is the result of innovation taken by entrepreneurship scholars. Innovation has been regard as the most crucial component in long-term economic development. For instance, according to Rosenberg (2004), one professor from the University of Stanford managed to do a survey about the growth in the output and the input of capital and labor of the Unite States economy from 1870 to 1950. Before that, he made a number of reasonable assumptions about how much the growth in a unit of labor and capital should be added to the output of the economy. The result was that the presented growth of inputs could only perform less than 15 percents of the growth in the output of the economy, which means that technology innovation contributes more than 85 percents to the unexplained growth. This study shows that the view of economic growth is the result of innovation and innovative actions have been regarded as a specific major force for economic development. In one word, these three aspects interact and connect with each other and the two notions of entrepreneurship and innovation are indispensible in economic growth and development. Having dealt with the relationship between entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development, then move in the next part of what role creativity and problem solving plays in this relationship and the group project would be tied to illustrate the function of creativity and problem solving. First of all, creativity system precedes innovation implementation. Gurteen (1998:7) summarized that creativity is about the process that generate new ideas, and innovation is about putting these ideas into action. Therefore, for innovation to occur, creative ideas that have potential value (Williams Mcguire, 2010). Cortright (2001) claims that economic process is about the generation of new ideas and innovations, which is the force of sustain economic. In other word, creativity and innovation play important roles in economic development and as the driving force of economic growth. Economic creativity has already been conceptualized as codified knowledge with potential economic value to a natio n (WilliamsMcGuire, 2010). In entrepreneurship terms, creativity is one unique characteristic of entrepreneurs. As mentioned before, entrepreneur is an individual with new  ideas and they have the skills required to engage in creative activity. Secondly, there are mainly 5 steps within problem solving –problem discovery, fact finding, definition of problem, solution finding and decision implementation. In these steps, creative ideas and innovation will be needed by teams or individuals to generate ideas and put them into action. To a certain extent, problem solving provides a ‘performance platform’ for innovation. Taken the group project as an example, in the first mentoring session, every group were asked to find one problem that bother many people on the basis of fact and define this problem. In the following two sessions, solution finding and decision making were connected to group project. Students need to have a creative thinking by generate innovation ideas as many as possible. Innovation as a great skill is demonstrated within these steps of creative problem solving. In addition, creative problem solving is also a process which encourages entrepreneurial thinking. Decision implementation is a process to produce the product into market and make economic profit. In reality, economic development is all about problem solving for each other, creativity and problem solving is a prerequisite for economic development (Bekker, 2011). To sum up, creativity and problem solving accelerate economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship, like a thread to string these three elements together and have a close relation with each other. In conclusion, this essay begins with definitions of key notions of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity with an example accordingly for better understanding. Entrepreneurship is special characteristic of entrepreneurs who can create new values efficiently in an innovative way. Innovation refers to the act of inventing something new (Chen, 2005) and can be divided into sustaining innovation and disruptive innovation. Creativity is a process of generation unconventional ideas. Then, the relationship of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development is organized in detail with each other. Entrepreneurship is the major force of economic growth and meanwhile as medium that link innovation and economic development. Innovation plays a specific role in entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that innovation also has an important influence on economic booming. In the final part, the significant function of creativity and problem solving is  illustrated. Group project as a living example is addressed to emphasize the crucial function in this relationship. Creativity, as a unique ability of entrepreneurship, precedes innovation implementation and is the major force of economic growth as well as problem solving. These elements have become increasing important in business world in recent years and more research should be made to prove the importance in other specific ways.

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Top 15 Universities for Humanities Majors by Salary Potential

In the world of technology and startups, humanities majors are unfortunately overlooked for engineering and statistics, even when it has a strong earning potential. In the years 2012-2014, humanities majors dropped by 8.7% in degrees awarded. Students are opting for STEM majors, because it presents more job opportunities for fresh graduates. This, however, does not mean students who major in English, philosophy, literature or a foreign language have no earning potential. The writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills that you develop from studying a humanities major can prepare you for a successful career. PayScale, an online compensation information company, published their findings earlier this year and here’s a list of the top 15 university for humanities majors* by potential salary: *Note, this list do not include the salaries of individuals who pursued another degree after their undergraduate degree in computer science. 1. Illinois State University 0-5 years experience: $40,900 10+ experience: $126,000 2. (tie) University of Chicago 0-5 years experience: $44,100 10+ experience: $105,000 2. (tie) University of Pennsylvania 0-5 years experience: $56,400 10+ experience: $105,000 4. Harvard University 0-5 years experience: $60,000 10+ experience: $99,800 5. (tie) Columbia University 0-5 years experience: $54,800 10+ experience: $98,800 5. (tie) University of California - Berkeley 0-5 years experience: $48,400 10+ experience: $98,800 7. University of Southern California 0-5 years experience: $48,400 10+ experience: $98,600 8. Northwestern University 0-5 years experience: $46,400 10+ experience: $97,000 9. Colgate University 0-5 years experience: $58,300 10+ experience: $96,300 10. University of Kansas 0-5 years experience: $42,200 10+ experience: $93,500 11. University of Virginia 0-5 years experience: $48,500 10+ experience: $98,800 12. University of California - San Diego 0-5 years experience: $43,700 10+ experience: $93,400 13. New York University 0-5 years experience: $49,800 10+ experience: $93,200 14. University of California - Santa Barbara 0-5 years experience: $44,000 10+ experience: $92,100 15. Yale University 0-5 years experience: $54,100 10+ experience: $92,000 Not sure if you want to study computer science yet? Do some research and browse our database of 60,000+successful college application filesto see what students similar to you are studying!​